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Our Mission

Lifeway Financial Corporation exists to serve others through our mission of helping clients to realize their chosen lifeway, whatever that may be.

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Our Services

Experience tells us that the commitment to an ongoing process of planning is critical to the success of such an endeavor.

At Lifeway Financial Corporation we provide financial planning and investment management services to individuals and family groups on a personal, fee-only basis.


Our Team

In order for a company to provide extraordinary service, it needs exceptional individuals. Get to know the team at Lifeway Financial Corporation who will help you on your lifeway.

Meet the Team

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The Difference

Meaningful change occurs when goals and interests are clear and the commitment to action is strong. By creating a safe environment where clients can learn, think, evaluate, process, and commit to action, we make a difference.

In a world of overwhelming information, where the personal application of knowledge and wisdom are lost, the objective advice of experienced and supportive people makes all the difference.

Take Action


Take Action

Realizing a chosen lifeway requires not only knowledge and wisdom, but also action. If you choose to act, we would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about our mission, our services, our difference and our people.

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